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Why This Matters


This is unfortunate stuff. Nonetheless, the details, events, and documents relating to the proposed 280 unit apartment complex at the Holy Family School are important.


While we have obtained hundreds of pages of records relating to the developer and the church’s lawsuit against Hazlet, there are still unanswered questions. Did Sue Kiley return the improper contribution to Maser Consulting? What was discussed at the private meetings with the developer? What prompted the developer to sue the town one month after a one on one lunch with Mrs. Kiley? Who paid for the lunch?


There is a better way. Elected officials do not have to conduct business with developers behind closed doors. And if the needs of the township require individuals to speak confidentially, then those interactions should occur in the presence of the Township Attorney and a clerk to keep the minutes.


The public interest demands answers about this current project. More importantly, residents deserve a commitment from members of the Township Committee to avoid these mistakes in the future.